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Webinar series – online

Hold and release

Letting go while remaining connected is a lifelong process, for parents and children alike. Babies start to feel strange from around six months. They become restless, may cry or scream, cling to the parent and simply refuse to make contact with another person. For some children, goodbyes and transitions remain very difficult. But it is also often a challenging process for parents to let go of their children, to place them in external care, to admit that they don’t have everything under control. It takes trust and confidence that the child will find its own way and that the basis created will be sustainable so that the child can cope with itself or other people. But letting go also gives you freedom and this is important. Basically, the children don’t leave – their radius just gets bigger. But the bond with the parents remains. How can we parents convey this security, even though no one can guarantee that everything will be okay? This is exactly what we will discuss in this webinar.

Location: EEH Switzerland

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18:00 - 21:00




Cornelia Reichlin
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