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EEH Symposium Italy / Convengo PSE Italia

Emotional first aid in the clinic – experiences from five years of implementation in a clinical structure

During this symposium, the speakers will describe how the holistic and subject-oriented perspectives of EEH have affected the work with parents and children, but also the professional cooperation and satisfaction of the staff. An event that shows new ways of professional yet mindful family support and addresses all those who are striving for change on the basis of a strengthening cooperation in public-clinical structures.

In cooperation with the South Tyrolean medical service

Location: EEH Italy, Bolzano

Pronto Soccorso Emozionale in ambito clinico L’esperienza di cinque anni di implementazione in una struttura clinica

During this conference, the teachers and trainers will explain the impact that global and PSE-oriented approaches have on work with parents and children, but also on professional collaboration and staff satisfaction. Una manifestazione che mostra nuove vie per un accompagnamento delle famiglie professionale ma anche attento e consapevole, rivolta a tutte le persone che desiderano un cambiamento sulla base di una collaborazione rafforzante in ambito clinico e di salute pubblica.

In collaborazione con l’Azienda Sanitaria dell’Alto Adige

Luogo: PSE Italia, Bolzano

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9:00 - 17:00




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